Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Selepas 17 hari, Hisham masih membisu.

who let the dog out
By Rottweiler

Many rear dogs to guard their homes. Dogs have a sentimental hold over humans and some argue they can be hypocritical. In Malaysia, there is one particular big dog that lurks in the dregs and surfaces in his next drama.

Who let that Big Dog Out? He is barking maliciously most characteristically in his concrete jungle of lies.

The blogger known as Big Dog who happily did his ridiculous spin about DAP and Christians and has to date got away scot free, seems to be barking to the tune of his political masters.

He and Marahku (allegedly Shamsul Yunos) lit a seditious spark of venomous hatred with their articles that were carried by Utusan Malaysia.

Recent statements by the Home Minister (who really belongs at home) and the MISInformation Communication and Culture Ministry show how they need not hold the leash to Big Dog's fat neck because they let this Big Bully Dawg run around rabid style.

Remember - the Home Minister in Dec 16, 2009 took umbrage against bloggers and declared: “There is no credibility in some of their postings while articles are fabricated and sensationalised in an attempt to gain popularity. Local journalists adhered to ethics but these bloggers did not, and this was what differentiated the journalists from these bloggers.”

Now that this Bully Dawg is singing his tune, his comment is: “This type of movement can be deemed as incitement and can put the whole country in jeopardy.”

No wonder Big Dog is running wild and free in the streets!

That aside, let's look at Big Dog's tendency to spew malicious and evil lies.

Big Dog, aka Zakhir Mohamed is the same blogger who published RPK's June 2008 SD in his blog which got RPK in trouble with the police. The big unanswered question is how he got hold of that SD when it was sent to the Altantuya murder prosecutors.


WHY IS HE SO PROTECTIVELY INSULATED? How come? Perhaps it's the protective leash around his neck that did the trick.

His role as an unreliable blogger can be seen in another post here where he gave an in-depth fictitious hypothetical but mischievous post alluding to how RPK could have big sponsors. All unfounded, because people such as Suflan Shamsuddin have refuted it in The Malaysian Insider HERE.

Obviously, he has an axe to grind with RPK who has been ISA-ed whilst dogs like him and Shamsul Yunos are free to walk around and stir shit.

Incidentally, since we are on the subject of RPK, take a look at THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO posted in August 2009 which is consistent with what RPK revealed in that TV3 interview - solid evidence that RPK did not make any U-turn in that TV3 interview as some alleged.

Dogs are loyal creatures. Yet, evil dogs like Big Dog cannot be loyal. They will bark and wag to the tune of $$$. He calls himself a BIG dog but is akin to cockroaches who are parasites with unclean habits.

Bullies like Big Dog are normally cowards like his friend Marahku who deleted his blog shivering and holding his shriveled balls. Idiots like them only stick their necks out in situations orchestrated by higher hands because they know they have the powers-that-be behind them. So, they do their dirty work.

WHO LET BIG DOG OUT? Who gave him the license to write such seditious material and remain scot-free? And why?

Does the government care how the public perceives them on this matter?

Whither Malaysia?

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